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  • 2019-09-10


Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow. [Photo/Agencies]

John Bercow, the sharp-tongued speaker of the British House of Commons famed for yelling “Order! ORDER!,” announced his resignation Monday after a decade in the role.


澳门葡京赌场官方网址John Bercow has announced that he will stand down as Speaker of the UK's House of Commons by October 31 -- the day Britain is set to leave the European Union.


stand down:退职,退出

澳门葡京赌场官方网址It was the latest bombshell Brexit news and could have implications for Britain’s departure from the European Union.


澳门葡京赌场官方网址bombshell ['bmel]:n.突发事件;引起震惊的人或事

澳门葡京赌场官方网址Traditionally, the speaker of the House of Commons is not a household name. But Bercow is not a low-wattage character.


澳门葡京赌场官方网址His colorful ties and even more colorful oratory helped him become a made-for-YouTube star, delighting fans around the world with his rhetorical flourishes. His memorable put-downs — telling lawmakers to “take up yoga” or go on “therapeutic training” courses — have gone viral. His best moments have inspired memes and mash-ups.


oratory ['rt()r]:n.雄辩;演讲术


He has also played a central role in the clash between the executive and the legislature at a pivotal time in Britain’s history — and the candidates running to replace him will have to indicate whether they intend to emulate or avoid his model.


澳门葡京赌场官方网址Bercow’s supporters say he is one of the most reforming speakers in modern times, and that his efforts have given backbench lawmakers a bigger voice.


backbench lawmaker:后座议员,英国议会下院中坐在后排议席的普通议员

“Throughout my time as speaker I have sought to increase the relative authority of this legislature for which I will make absolutely no apology to anyone, anywhere, at anytime,” Bercow said Monday in an emotional address, with his wife, Sally, looking on from the gallery.


澳门葡京赌场官方网址He had, he said, “sought to be the backbenchers backstop.”


澳门葡京赌场官方网址“Don’t tell me young man from a sedentary position what I can and cannot say,” he bellowedat one point. “Quite frankly, young man, you can like it or lump it.”


like it or lump it:不喜欢也得忍着